Who We Are

Lubker Distribution provides value-added services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that routinely rely on us to provide professional support in:

  • Traditional Supply of Fastener Products
  • Made to Print Sourcing and Supply
  • Vendor Reduction Initiatives
  • Turnkey Managed Inventory Solutions
  • Contract Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

What We Do

We provide our manufacturing customers the resources, people, and intelligence necessary to effectively remove internal plant ‘distribution’ from their facility. Our processes and distribution methods provide additional man-hours for our customers without having to add personnel. We focus on all aspects of ‘point of use’ distribution, allowing our customers to focus on core competency manufacturing.


  • A distributorship in which all employees took responsibility for improving business
  • A business that continuously worked at eliminating waste and, more importantly, meeting customer expectations
  • Technology linked into business processes to simplify, automate, and implement strategic goals.
  • Processes so lean, flexible and efficient that assets could be reduced, customer demand increased, and where customer satisfaction soared
  • Employees empowered and encouraged to try new ideas

Turning Imagination into Reality

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