The ‘When It’s Needed’ (WIN) process begins with a physical requisition scan(s) of products found to be at (or below) minimum established stocking values. Generally based on Min./Max. methodologies or ‘2 Bin’ Kanban type replenishment system.


Electronic transmission of suggested order confirmation automatically sent to designated customer liaison for AUDIT POINT review and approval.


Audit Points are built into several stages of the VMI replenishment process. These points provide the customer with as much, or as little auditing of the process as they deem necessary. Audit Points can be turned on or off at the customer request and at any time during the ongoing VMI relationship.


Pre-packaged, labeled, and lot-traceable product processed electronically and paperless, guided by Lubker designed internal “Bolt On” proprietary distribution processing software.


Product delivery made by trained Lubker technicians. All WIN Advantage deliveries are made in returnable transportation totes, no corrugated used or left on premises following point of use delivery. Packing slip AUDIT POINT provided.


Whether a single rack of products, or thousands of bins located throughout the largest manufacturing facilities, Lubker professional technicians deliver every part to its designated “home.” Replenishment requisition follows to complete the cycle.


Invoice options include “one per order” or “consolidated” based on agreed statement issue schedule. All invoices match specifically to the delivered packing slip. All have AUDIT POINT data characteristics.

BarcodeScan TransmitOrder Packaging Delivery Invoice AuditPoints BinFill AuditPoints
T.C.O.* Savings Category:





‐ Total Cost of Ownership

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Lubker Distribution will eliminate lead-time and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through our WIN Systems.

Systems Features:
  • Barcode Technology
  • Standards and Specials
  • Auto Requisition
  • Min/Max Analysis
  • Lot Traceable
  • Unit Packaging
  • Custom Labeling
  • Point of Use Delivery
  • “Green” Processing
  • Multiple Invoice Options
  • Virtual Cage Data Analysis
Designed Specifically to ELIMINATE or REDUCE:
  • Product Requisitions
  • Product Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Vendor Base
  • Product Receiving and Verifications
  • Quality Inspection
  • Internal Distribution
  • Bulk Inventory
  • Inventory Control (Tracking)
  • Miscellaneous Freight Costs
  • Stock Outs
  • Daily Paperwork (Receivers, Packing Lists and Invoices)