The ‘When It’s Needed’ (WIN) Self-Scan process utilizes a Lubker Distribution provided thumb nail scanner, iOS compatible software, custom stocking criteria, and unique bar code labels, to scan bins or other stocking locations found to be physically below established re-order points. Part detail and pack quantity information is displayed for each item scanned..


When the scan is complete, simply press “Send’ to transmit the order to your assigned Lubker Distribution sales representative.

Electronic order confirmation is automatically sent to the designated Customer liaison for AUDIT POINT review and approval.

Your order confirmation can be submitted in any of the following electronic formats:

MS Excel


The confirmation provides AUDIT POINT detail including all ordered line item information and pricing. Audit Points are built into several stages of the Self Scan process. These points provide you with as much, or as little auditing of the process as you deem necessary. Audit Points can be turned on or off at your request and at any time during the VMI ongoing relationship.


Lubker Distribution “pre-packs,” labels, and internally stores your product in anticipation of future delivery to your facility. This advanced preparation process assures lot traceable/quality approved ‘on-the-shelf’ availability of all contracted products supporting immediate (same day if needed) shipping.


Product delivered ‘When It’s Needed’ by Lubker trained associates or sub-contracted approved carriers. All WIN System Self-Scan ordered items are labeled with your part number, quantity, and content description and are supported with a provided Packing Slip AUDIT POINT document.


Let us fill your bins! Lubker Distribution offers a complimentary stock ‘put-away’ service. Whether a single rack of bins, or thousands of bins located throughout the largest manufacturing facilities, Lubker professional technicians are ready to help. Contact your Lubker Sales contact for more information on this available service.


Invoice options include ‘one per order’ or a ‘consolidated statement’. All invoice options match specifically to delivered Packing Slips and all have AUDIT POINT data characteristics.

Barcode Scan Transmit Order Packaging Delivery Invoice Audit Points Bin Fill Audit Points
T.C.O.* Savings Category:





‐ Total Cost of Ownership

  View / Download – Self Scan Line Card

Systems Features:
  • Barcode Technology
  • Standards and Specials
  • Easy Requisition
  • Absolute Order Accuracy
  • Mininum/Maximum Analysis
  • Lot Traceable
  • Unit Packaging
  • Custom Labeling
  • Point of Use Delivery
  • “Green” Processing
  • Multiple Invoice Options
  • Virtual Cage Data Analysis
  • Product Requisitions
  • Product Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Vendor Base
  • Product Receiving and Verifications
  • Quality Inspection
  • Internal Distribution
  • Bulk Inventory
  • Inventory Control (Tracking)
  • Stock Outs
  • Daily Paperwork (Receivers, Packing Lists, and Invoices)