Lubker Distribution saves you the time and expense of ordering, receiving, handling, and tracking multiple parts that may be used in a single assembly. We provide you with one kit, under your part number, saving you time and money – guaranteed.

Kits, designed and labeled specifically to suit your needs, relieve you from the logistical burden of managing the individual components and allow you to focus on the more critical aspects of your business.

Join our list of satisfied customers who have found that Lubker’s kitting and bagging solutions have produced significant savings though less inventory and less labor in picking & organizing, purchasing, receiving, and accounting.

Available Solutions include:

  • Custom labels with the information you want on the label, such as bar codes, your company logo, shelf locations, or parts list.
  • Non-standard kit items; we’ll purchase and stock whatever your kit requires.
  • Multi-level assemblies.
  • Multi-stage parts: need custom machining or plating – we’ll contract this for you, invoicing by your it/project number.
  • Packaging in boxes, heat sealed or re-closable bags.

Value Added Services:

  • Fastener Assortments
  • Small Parts Kits
  • Unit Packaging
  • High Speed Poly Bagging
  • Multi Part Kitting
  • Custom Labeling
  • Small Assemblies