Submission of a blueprint (or in some cases a sample) initiates the “When It’s Needed” (WIN) Specialties engineering review process. In addition to confirmation of characteristics and tolerances, the Lubker review team will inquire about supply and quality expectations including order frequency, annual usage estimates, and (if applicable) critical characteristics and/or historic failure mode and effect analysis.


Strategic sourcing begins with a vendor matching process that may include inquiries to as many as ten qualified manufacturing specialists per sourced item. The sourcing effort stretches beyond the typical and often sole ‘overseas’ inquiry, it includes best in class – Lubker quality-approved domestic and overseas manufacturing firms


AUDIT POINTS are available at several areas along the WIN Specialties process. Pricing audit opportunities exist at the sourcing and delivery / invoicing points,  Product conformance audit opportunities exist at the manufacturing and receipt /  inspection points, and lot traceability and conformance to material standards audit  opportunities exist at the distribution point.


Manufacturing is contracted to approved supplier(s) based on compatibility of processes and the ability to meet quality and cost objectives. Available manufacturing options include Cold Heading, Hot Heading, Stamping, Screw Machining, Injection Molding, and many others.

Receipt &

Receipt and independent documented quality inspection is performed by Lubker trained and certified technicians.  In addition to dimensional conformity, certifications are reviewed for conformance to chemical and hysical material requirements. All inspections are performed per documented instructions and guided by an ISO 9001‐2008 registered quality system.


Domestic finished goods storage, lot control, and distribution is performed locally within paperless processing warehouse environments with transactional activity guided by Lubker-designed “Bolt On” proprietary software. Real-time data incorporates all istribution functions and includes decision making metrics at every level of customer support.


On-time delivery and prepaid freight are available to qualifying customers. When included with a Lubker WIN System solution, Lubker support personnel deliver the product directly to the designated point of use, and depending on system arrangements, will review and scan for future replenishment. Contact your Lubker sales representative to learn more about the available distribution system supply options.

EngineeringReview Production Audit Point StrategicSourcing On-TimeDelivery DistributionActivities Receipt &Inspection

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Systems Features:
  • Barcode Technology
  • Standards and Specials
  • Easy Requisition
  • Absolute Order Accuracy
  • Mininum/Maximum Analysis
  • Lot Traceable
  • Unit Packaging
  • Custom Labeling
  • Point of Use Delivery
  • “Green” Processing
  • Multiple Invoice Options
  • Virtual Cage Data Analysis
  • Product Requisitions
  • Product Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Vendor Base
  • Product Receiving and Verifications
  • Quality Inspection
  • Internal Distribution
  • Bulk Inventory
  • Inventory Control (Tracking)
  • Stock Outs
  • Daily Paperwork (Receivers, Packing Lists, and Invoices)