(West Chester, PA) October 2013, Lubker Distribution Information Systems Department, in pursuit of continual improvement processing excellence, announces the successful custom development and implementation of the ‘BOLT-ON’ comprehensive data management optimization suite. This proprietary suite of software enhanced products provides Lubker the advantage when accuracy, on-time delivery, and conformance to product specifications are critical. In tandem with barcode wireless technologies, the BOLT-ON suite of products help drive decision making direct to the distribution floor, eliminates ‘reports’, provides operating clarity at all levels, manages by exception, offers real-time metrics, and eliminates all processing ‘blind spots’. Every transaction and product movement is ‘live’ and uniquely displayed on strategically located large screen monitors.

‘BOLT-ON’ management suite, developed by Lubker, providing the operational staff with the information necessary to complete their assignments accurately and on-time, every time.