(West Chester, PA)  July 2014, Lubker Distribution Marketing Department  announces the launch of an aggressive re-branding campaign with the release of their redesigned logo and website www.lubkerdist.com. 

Specializing in Total Cost of Ownership reduction initiatives, the logo and site development better emphasizes the industrial nature of the products supplied along with the saving opportunities available when Original Equipment Manufacturers engage Lubker Distribution as their vendor managed inventory partner.


Lubker Distribution has invested in the design of a new logo and identity materials to begin a full range of marketing programs. To further establish this positioning, the company required a website that visually and accurately reflects: Industrial products supply; Total Cost of Ownership initiatives (TCO), material management expertise, scalability and transparency.


The new site needed to intrigue visitors, build credibility, and contribute to a cohesive brand strategy. Additionally, the site  design needed to be

•Minimal and clean design, yet high impact and visually engaging from immediate entry point at the homepage
•Designed and architected to be highly usable for new prospects and existing customers alike
•Designed to offer flexibility and continuity for promotions by sales and marketing staff
•Quick and easy for local management to update and maintain content independently


Successfully launched in July, 2014, the site has proven to meet the original objectives of design and usability. Customer feedback remains excellent and new content suggestions are actively received and integrated,