Lubker Distribution is excited to announce several significant changes within our company’s leadership team. These changes reflect our continued dedication to recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent while embracing opportunities for growth and improvement.

First and foremost, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Steve Gillmor to the position of Vice-President of Sales. Over the past few years, Steve has played a vital role in our company’s growth, while demonstrating exceptional leadership. Steve has been a trusted mentor to the sales and operations staff, providing guidance, support, and inspiration needed to help the entire Lubker team surpass targets and exceed customer expectations. We are confident that Steve’s strategic mindset, exceptional sales acumen, and unwavering commitment to success will continue to positively drive our initiatives. In his new role, Steve will play a pivotal part in further expanding market presence, optimizing sales strategies, and elevating overall corporate performance.

Furthermore, we are excited to welcome Jason Ewing to our team as the newly appointed Director of HR. Jason brings with him expertise in human resources, coupled with an extensive background in operations and process management, making him an ideal fit for Lubker Distribution. In addition to traditional HR responsibilities, Jason will also be responsible for management of departments including Information Technology and Accounting. Jason has ‘hit the road running’ in this new position and has proven to be an outstanding leader and mentor to the entire staff. We are excited to see the continued positive impact he will have on our team.

Lastly, we are excited to announce the promotion of Sean Michels to the role of Inside Sales Manager. Sean has been an essential member of our sales team for several years, and we are thrilled to see him take on this new leadership role. As the Inside Sales Manager, Sean will assume additional responsibilities including team leadership, sales optimization, and forging strong client relationships.

These promotions signify our commitment to recognizing and rewarding outstanding talent within our organization. We are confident that Steve, Jason, and Sean will flourish in their new roles, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to their respective departments.

It is important to note the departure of Jeff Laub from the position of General Manager. While Jeff’s departure required significant redistribution of tasks and responsibilities, it has provided us with a valuable opportunity to reassess the importance of various tasks, improve our processes, and empower our staff to take greater ownership of their disciplines. This period of transition will undoubtedly lead to enhanced collaboration, increased efficiency, and improved overall performance.

We are immensely grateful for the dedication and resilience demonstrated by each and every member of our team during this transition period. We continue to encourage embracing this moment as an opportunity to further develop skills, take on new responsibilities, and contribute unique perspectives to the shared team success.

Please join us in congratulating Steve Gillmor on his promotion to Vice-President of Sales, extending a warm welcome to Jason Ewing as our new Director of HR, and celebrating Sean Michels’ promotion to Inside Sales Manager.