(West Chester, PA) February 2016. Lubker Distribution sales and marketing department announces the launch of www.proferred.tools an e-commerce portal designed specifically for the marketing and sales of the BBI Proferred Tools product line. 

As an authorized distributor of these professional grade tools, Lubker aims to engage both existing customers and new prospects, making available to them the highest quality tools at the absolute lowest price. Perfect for installers, contractors, repair and maintenance personnel, the e-commerce Proferred Hand Tools by Lubker Distribution site offers the advantage of no minimum order requirements, free freight on orders over $100.00, lifetime product warranty, and robust factory and distribution point availability.

Whether ordering on-line or through your existing Lubker Distribution sales contact, you’ll get the same great service and same low price. Qualifying customers of Lubker Distribution may also elect to include tools and/or wipes within existing VMI replenishment programs, making ordering even easier and supply delivered direct to you on a When it’s Needed basis. 

Contact Lubker Distribution sales department for more information related to this exciting new product supply category.